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My work with local Special Schools

Battledown Centre's Head Teacher Jane Cummins said: “Julie really helps parents of children with special needs at our school cope with life's challenges.”

The Milestones School in Gloucester Head Teacher Lyn Dance said: "We have referred several parents and a pupil to Julie for counselling and their feedback has been excellent. Julie is empathetic and supportive and has an excellent understanding of special needs and the impact on a family". 

Counselling for Parents & Carers

Are you a Parent or Carer for a child with special needs or a Carer for a loved one... in Cheltenham or Gloucester? Are you a Young Carer, looking after a mum or dad or someone close?

How can counselling help me?

Counselling aims to help you explore and clarify issues that matter to you. It can help you develop coping skills, which you can utilise if or when future problems arise. Counselling can give you the opportunity to work in ways which promote your ability to resolve problems, or to cope with things which cannot be changed. It can help you get to know yourself better and develop your potential.

Parents and Carers have needs too!

Parents sometimes have little time to think of themselves whilst caring for special needs children or a disabled, sick and dependant relative.

Counselling is an opportunity for you to think and gain clarity and say the things you can't tell someone else and be really listened to and deeply understood.

So often the cared for person is being well looked after by professionals, but you may feel you need someone to talk to.
  •  Are you a Parent or Carer of a child who is ill or has special needs?
  •  Are you struggling with being a Parent and a Spouse?
  •  Are you the husband, wife or carer of a relative or loved one?
  •  Are you a Young Carer looking after your parent/sibling?
  •  Maybe you are going through a stressful and emotional time with your relative and feeling there is nobody to listen to you.
  •  Counselling can be a particular source of help around the time of a child’s diagnosis, or a time of  transition or change as your child gets older.
  •  Or when you feel overwhelmed and it feels hard to tell friends or relatives.
  •  Or perhaps when you need space to acknowledge you are an individual and a parent as well as a carer.
  •  Feeling really listened to can help relieve stress and move you towards feeling more able to think about your priorities, decisions and choices, thus improving your own development, needs and future goals, leading to action planning if required.

Added benefits for Parents and Carers

Julie is a parent, to two teenagers, both with differing special needs. She also supports the need for Statementing for Special Educational Needs and can signpost Parents to various contacts within education, health and advisory services. Julie has professional knowledge of Autistic Spectrum disorders and especially Fragile X Syndrome.

Julie Wales' counselling service for Parents & Carers offers a much deeper understanding and specialist service than a general counsellor, without this unique life experience.

For some parents working through adaptation and adjustment to life coping with a disabled child is necessary, and more information can be given about this. I do believe by sharing your thoughts and fears and 'grieving' if necessary, then you will be making your own journey towards accepting yourself and your child in a different light.

Professional, warm approach. Empathic person and counsellor helping families coping with special needs or otherwise to improve their relationships and family life. I use a common sense approach and simple straight forward talking and planning to help Carers in their caring role and find a positive outcome for them.

Parents can contact me directly and professional referrals also welcome.
Tel: 0741 265 1894 or email:

Client Testimonials:
“I feel so much more confident..” Thank You…. ( Carer of spouse).

I don’t have to explain, you get it…”
(A Parent talking about experience of special needs child).